Sex Toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women

While men always like to jerk off or have a one night stand, for most women sexual pleasure is the best with Sex Toys …

There are both many sex toys for men as well for women, however at this women’s blog of course we only talk about girl stuff 🙂

Sex Toys:

1. Vibrators
These are the most famous sex toys for many many years and even in classical times women used them to stimulate the clitoris and go inside the vagina. Why you need a men? 🙂

2. Masturbators / Massagers
These sex toys don’t go inside the pussy but are just for massaging around the pussy and by this getting ultimate pleasure. The good thing is that they don’t look like sex toys as can also be used to massage the back…

3. Anal Sex Toys / Butt Plugs
While in the past sex toys were only focussed around “vibrators” however in the ass there are so many nerves it would be stupid not to stimulate them and increase the sexual pleasure. Additional advantage is that you can surprise your future boyfriend or husband with some naughty anal play and then you will be prepared as you know your ass better and the muscles. anal Sex toys can help to clean the ass as well to start exploring this magic part of the women’s body.

4. Lingerie
Not directly a sex toy but sexy lingerie can do miracle for the sex in general as well as sexlife as women are made to attract the men and with sexy lingerie or kinky lingerie this is a nice thing to do!

5. Sex Pills
If you don’t have enough female libido then sex pills can help. it is the biggest misunderstanding that only men should take sex pills, while women are 50% of the sexual activity and equal to men! For women there are the following sex pills like: Womenra , Female Viagra and Lovegra.

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Welcome to our blog about Women’s Secret.

Welcome to our blog about Women’s Secret. This is our first post and we are a group of women who want to share our knowledge, tips and expert advice in a women’s life, sexlife, women’s health, online dating, sextoys etc.. etc… Here we will post various articles about interesting things for women so stay tuned. In the meanwhile if you need typical women stuff, use the online shops we use ourselves and which we tested over and over again…

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