Female Viagra vs Female Cialis

Female Viagra vs Female Cialis

Similar as with the male version Viagra vs Cialis, with the women’s version there are similar differences. Let’s discuss so you can make the best choice which pill is the best for you! Let’s discuss the difference and similarities between this women’s sexual health supplements on the following points:

  1. Price
    Prices between the pills are not too much different, but Female Cialis  (2.40 USD ) is a little bit more expensive than Female Viagra ( 1.80 USD ) if you use an online pharmacy as at your local drugstore prices can be 25 USD per pill.
  2. Active ingredient
    Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Female Cialis (FC), similar as the male version, but the composition is different and that’s why it is specially designed for women. Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Female Viagra (FV).
  3. Duration of function
    While the active ingredient is the deciding factor in the amount of hours it is working, with Female Cialis you will be extra excited for up to 36 hours which is almost 2 days and that’s why perfect for a sex marathon or a long weekend. You take the pill Friday evening and till Sunday your pussy wants to have sex! With Female Viagra on the contrary, you are good for an evening from 4-8 hours max, so it is more for a sexy evening or date or a hot evening with your partner.
  4. Where to buy?
    You can buy Female Cialis as well as Female Viagra at your local drugstore, but you will need a prescription from your doctor and the price will be very expensive. We on the other hand found an online pharmacy which will have low prices and don’t require you to have a prescription to have this sexual health supplement to improve your love life and general health.

Conclusion: which sex pill is the best choice?

Fortunately or unfortunately there is no winner here as both the pills are perfect for those who want to improve their sexlife, doesn’t matter if it is for family planning or just sexual play and fun. The pills are simply not possible to compare as Female Cialis works 4x longer than Female Viagra, but sometimes you want to have a pill which works short and sometimes you want to have a pill which works longers, so it simply depends from the occasion. We recommend to have both sex pills with you and depending on the occasion you take or FV or FC.

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