Why women fall for the wrong men?

Why women fall for the wrong men?

The question Why women fall for the wrong men? is not an easy one, but I think I finally found the answer and it has everything to do with “game” – the love play between men and women. Let’s dig into this interesting subject. Main actors in this story are “women”, the “alpha male” and the normal men. The reason why women fall for the wrong men is simple. Their game-play is wrong and stupid. Read here how women could find better men and relationships.

Are women stupid?

Well actually yes… They want something from men which they know at the end is not good for them. So what do women want? In the flirting time for example in clubs, most women will never approach a men; in the contrary they want a men to hunt the women down and then only to decide to accept it. I will explain why this is not only stupid in the first place, but also very wrong! The result from this scenario is that men which are very good in picking up women will be successful and sleep with this women and dump them the next day or even on the same night 😀

Why is this approach from women stupid?
Well because it is very passive and women basically put themself down to the men which want to approach you. Imagine how many men you will miss because of this. Especially how men good men with good intentions and manners, but who simply are a little bit passive and don’t feel like talking immediately to strange women.

Why is this approach wrong?
What women want? A men which is all for them and who doesn’t cheat. Did it ever come to this woman’s mind that men who are hitting up to them, will never stop with this. After their relationship or marriage these men will still hitting up to women for a flirt or a bang, simply because they can, they have the skill and they like it and enjoy it. On the other hand the men which are passive in the clubs and waiting for women to give them some link or for women to approach them, they will never after their relationship or marriage still hitting women, because it is not their skill, not their nature and they don’t enjoy it either.


Yes we can conclude the game play of women is totally wrong. It maybe sounds natural that men always need to make the first step and that women want to be approached by men, it is stupid, wrong and simply doesn’t work for the long term. 99% of women want a stable relationship and marriage and with them wanting to be hitted by the Alpha-male this simply is not a good starting point.


The solution is a change in the game play from women. Instead of being passive and waiting for men to hit on them, they should also start approach men who they like and open the conversation to see if they are a good fit on them. The advantage for women is to have more stable, happy and meaningful relationships. With the Alpha-Male the pump-and-dump scenario is very normal and I am then also laughing about all those crying women when they again felt for the wrong male with a classic bang and good bye date after a night clubbing and been accepting a stupid flirt story from a men.